the world hates me

15 years of age
drowning in my pain and sadness

11419) I’m sorry, but you need to start taking control of your lives and stop blaming others. All I see on this blog is, “He triggered me, she said something and it made me cry,” even when you post about someone being uplifting, it’s negative. Take responsibility. It’s not okay for you to be blaming others for your disorder. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. These people around you do not have ANY impact on your life. You’re letting people have impact that shouldn’t. I’m so sick of people complaining. I’ve spent this whole summer in and out of hospitals, have I complained once? No. Because I put myself there. Not you. Not my dad or mom. Or a random girl that stared at me wrong. ME. Now I apologize if this hurt in any way, but it’s the truth. To be honest, I’m just a random girl on anon. I don’t matter at all in your life. But I hope you understand every word I said so you can grow. I don’t like people viewing us as crybabies.

So the bullies that convinced me I was fat and worthless and drove me to attempt have had no effect? Sorry but the point of this message isn’t clear. The people around you do have an impact on your life. If people treat you like shit you begin to think you deserve it somehow. It’s not blaming, it’s stating a fact. People’s words and actions have both positive and negative consequences. Unfortunately society doesn’t see it that way.

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The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.

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